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Videoslots solution consists of the following:

Administrator - a person who owns one or more shops. The system allows administrator to create store(s), store manager(s). Administrator has all possible rights to modify and monitor the system.

Manager - a person who is working in specifis store (cashier). Manager may add terminals to system, sell tickets, control the money flow in the store.

Shop - a place where manages and terminals are located. Players come to store to play videoslot games.

Terminal - a computer with BetOperator software installed. It can be stand-alone PC, or it may be placed in a box that looks like one-armed bandit.

Ticket - 12-digit code generated by system and sold by manages to player. After game if finished, ticket may be converted back to money. Player may finish a game at any time.

Control Panel - special page on a website where cashier manages tickets, terminals, etc. Request us a free account setup if you do not have one yet.


Internet is optional for terminals. They do not require any network connections and work off-line well. But you still need internet for manager (cashier) in order to sell tickets. It's enough to have a single smartphone with 3G or even 2G internet. Internet speed and bandwidth are not important.

Video Lottery Terminals

There are no special requirements for terminals. Regular modern or even 5-year old Intell-based computers are Ok. Recommended memory size 2GB or more. Keyboard is required, mouse is optional but highly recommended.

You will be provided with an image file that must be written to any writable disk storage device (HDD, cheap flash dongle etc). Disk speed is not important.

Terminal Registration is required before running games on terminal. Terminal will show registration code after boot. Manager must enter the code in control panel and get a 12-digit registration ticket code in exchange. Terminal is considered registered after entering this code.

If you ever need to re-register terminal, you must to erase the disk and re-write the disk imag.


Deposit money. When selling the ticket, manager will have to select ticket price from the pre-defined list.

Withdraw money. In order to cash out the money, manager must enter both amount of money left on ticket, and 12-digit withdraw code. In case if terminal is connected to the internet (not required!) the amount of money on ticket will be pre-entered in control panel. Withdraw ticket code can be read on terminal screen.

Anti-theft protection

It's impossible to withdraw money without withdraw code for manager.

Administrator only has such a posibility. Tickets wich where withdrawn by administrator will be marked in control panel.

Tickets are sold one-by-one. It's impossible to sell another ticket without closing (withdrawing) previous one.

Cash In Transit (CIT)

From time to time real cash must be transit to the bank or other safe place off the shop.

The amount of cash available for CIT is available in control panel any time. Manager press "CIT" button in order to store amount of money withdrawn from shop.

Manager may review 5 last CITs from his/her store. Administrator has access to all CIT information for all his shops.

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